Public Policy Adoption Index In Latin America

Our index is based on an index created by Oxford University. We track several public policies intended to help control the pandemic. These policies include the closing of schools and non-essential businesses, and stay-at-home orders, among other policies. Measures are weighted based on the date when they were implemented, and on how long they’ve been in place.

Public Policy Adoption Index

    Data for Brazil and Mexico come from the Observatory and reflect the average of a state or the federal district, weighted by the population of the state or the district. Data for the other countries come from the Oxford Government Response Tracker and are coded at varying levels.

    Mobility In Latin America

    (moving average in the last 7 days)

    Estimates based on Google data between February 27 and June 5, 2020. These graphics show the change on population mobility in each country, compared to the usual mobility in the same time period (identified as the 0 baseline.) A decrease in mobility might also decrease the likelihood of community spread.

    Change in mobility; percentage change compared to usual mobility