Bolivia had 39,297 confirmed COVID-19 cases, or 3,572 cases per million residents, and 1,434 confirmed deaths on July 5th. Bolivia’s net and per million caseload is much lower than neighboring Peru or Brazil, but it is increasing at alarming rates and close to exceeding hospital capacity. The national government quickly implemented strict policies to contain the virus: the first cases were confirmed on March 10th and a strict national quarantine began on March 22nd. The country moved to a flexible quarantine on June 1st, which maintains country-wide bans on travel and gatherings, school closures, and mandatory mask-wearing, while delegating stay at home orders, public transportation and workplace restrictions to regional and city governments. Cases quadrupled between June 1st and July 1st as regions experimented with restrictions. Some regions of the country have loosened their quarantine rules while others remain under strict confinement.

Public Policy Adoption Index in Bolivia

What is a Public Policy Index? It’s a measure of how many public policies a country has adopted to control the pandemic. The higher the number, the more policies a country has adopted. Our index is based on an index created by Oxford University. We track 9 public policies intended to help control the pandemic. These policies include the closing of schools and non-essential businesses, and stay-at-home orders, among other policies. Measures are weighted based on the date when they were implemented, and on how long they’ve been in place. The black dashed line represents the weighted average of all the states in Bolivia.

    Changes in mobility in Bolivia; percentage change compared to usual mobility

    Estimates based on Google data. These graphics show the change on population mobility in each state, compared to the usual mobility in the same time period (identified as the 0 baseline.) A decrease in mobility might also decrease the likelihood of community spread. The black dashed line represents the weighted average of all the states in Bolivia.

      Use of face masks

      Index of the public health policy directive on the use of face masks, adjusted for the day of implementation compared to the registration of the first case in the country.